Dear Picard,

I'm a HUGE fan of Picard (because I'm French), and unfortunately the only Picard store in Uppsala has closed ... what can I do without you !!!! I THINK ABOUT YOU EVERYTIME THAT I USE THIS ICONIC BAGS !!! Picard was the ONLY cure against my homesickness!! 

I would like to know if there is any delivery system to have access to my favorite food! Please help me!
Your eternally grateful and loyal customer.
Anis Meschichi

Anis MESCHICHI Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Dear Anis!!
    We hope to solve this very soon.
    At the moment we are getting ready to launch a webstore- I am not
    sure how far it will reach in terms of areas yet.
    Keep a lookout- I hope we have more info in the coming weeks.

    Thanks for being such a Picard fan!!
    Emily Gray PR & Marknad

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