Missing items order #11608

Hi again, this is an email I sent to hemleverans@picard.se on June 3rd
​got no reply. I don’t understand that you can’t read our exchanged email when it’s to your email address. Kindly correct my invoice at Klarna so that I can pay you for this order. 

Hej igen! Jag fick order nummer #11608 levrat igår men det var inte allt som skulle skickas.
Jag fick ingen paper på min leverans heller varför det?

Jag saknar dom följande artiklar
Blåbär, vilda, Eko x1 
Paprikablandning x1 

Vänligen återkomma!!
Jag kan hämta dom själv i butiken eller jag kan ändra min faktura.

Samira Makhoul
Samira Makhoul


  • Hi Samira.

    hemleverans@picard.se goes to our supplier, the ones that delivers our products. They are an external service company that we hire.

    Thats why this email didnt reach me. I am only handling kontakt@picard.se.

    This of course shouldnt matter to you at all as our customer, because either way you should get the answer that you need and reimbursement for your trouble.

    I have now made a repayment for Blåbär and Paprikablandning. 94,90 sek should be on your bank account at the latest of 4th of july.

    Now, the next question is how we can compensate your for all this.

    Would you be interested in a voucher for buying products in one of our physical stores, or do you want a discount code for buying online?

    I fully understand the disappointment you must be feeling towards us at this moment, we are ashamed as well.

    With kind regards

    Tobias Ekvall

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