order number #11608

Please look at our email correspondence for order number #11608 you will get a clear idea bout my complain.

Even now after almost a week of sending my last email asking you to answer, I still have no response. Now my payment for the order is on hold with Klarna and sadly very poor management of such simple issues with missing items from a big order. I even didnt receive a delivery note with what I got from my original order
(Why is that?) I got a box with my name handwritten on it!! no receipt, nothing .. when I opened some items are missing.
I proposed to come and pick it up form your store but no answer. So now payment on hold unit you answer.

Disappointing after I have been a big fan of your product and have been a regular customer for the past 4 years in Stockholm.

Samira Makhoul
Samira Makhoul


  • Hi Samira

    I am very sad to hear this and this is the first time it has come to my attention. We have a external partner that handles the delivery for us and are the ones that should be helping you regarding such matter.

    I cant see the mail correspondence in this email, could you try send it again?

    But now that it has reached me, I will handle this for you. My name is Tobias Ekvall and I am the marketing manager for Picard Sverige.

    I can see that your order missed the following:

    Körsbär, urkärnade
    Litchi, skalad

    Where there any other products?

    I will try to solve this the easiest way possible and of course compensate you some how for this.

    Tobias Ekvall

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