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What happened with my order????????????

This is getting very annoying and very unprofessional!! It’s been more than a month and you still haven’t changed my invoice for order number #11608
I need to pay the right invoice and you need to change it with Klarna!!!! Kindly do your job. This unbelievable and specially when I got a feedback from your marking manager claiming that he’ll solve it and sadly he’s done nothing!I have changed my invoice with klarna and you need to do the same so I can pay for what I got. Very disappointed and such a shame to feel absolutely no matter how I liked your products now I will never ever recommend anyone to buy online from you neither would I do

Samira Makhouk
Samira Makhoul


  • Hi Samira. In our previous mail I wrote to you asking for a specification on what products you were missing, but I have not recieved a reply from you. Did you get this reply? See attached picture.

    Did you try to reply to me? Because I have not recieved a reply from you?

    I asked for the mail correspondance that you referred to and what products you where missing, becuase I cant see this in our system.

    Tobias Ekvall

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